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Welcome to this site ! This site is dedicated to modification (modding) of game Quake 4. Many many thanks to ID Software, Activision, Raven software, 1C for this mega, super, brilliant game! This is the most beautiful game that I seen in my life!

But why I made a new mod ? Why I want something another ?

There is one thing, that I can't understand in this game. All scenario is maked in that way, that you must fight for ideas of Earth. That's wrong I think. In the level MCC2 (that level not presented in my mod) one soldier speaks: "The Strogg is next etap in our evolution". I think, that is the thruth.

Let me explain why I think like that.

We all want to good, peacefull, beautiful life. We need to know, that tomorrow we will have our jobs, our environment, our science and more. We don't need any criminal, religion activities or something like this. The Strogg are rational, technical and equal. I think that's genial idea (thanks again to ID Software) about Strogg society is our tomorrow. This is the best model of society, I think.

I made my mod in this way, like character is Strogg. Not in the beginning. In the beginning he or she is fully organic humanoid (not necessary from Earth) and he's or she's goal of life to become a Strogg and to serve for the Strogg society. The character came to Stroggos planet, the most beautiful planet in the universe. He's or she's dream come true ! Character is going in long way, seeing the prosperity, industry and achievements of Strogg society. Character training the body and mind to prepare for process of Stroggification. And now ! That day is come, and he or she successfully passed the process of Stroggification and became the one of the society of Strogg ! The character meets Makron.

Makron helping to all members of Strogg society. Everyone can to talk with Makron about all. Everyone can ask for help or present new idees to Makron.

In reality:

I think like Strogg. I understand and agree with Strogg and their work.

And if we will work, learn, train our mind and body more and more, we have good chance to become a Strogg in the future. We can become the cyborgs. We can live happy in technocratic society. This I want to explain in my mod.

In original game, the Strogg are presented like warriors and bad guys. In my mod they are not warriors ! In first, they are engineers, scientists, constructors, medics - in one word, they are GOOD ! They helping to weak races of the Universe to become technological civilization. But without any war ! They do all in diplomatic way. But I leaved the working big gun. Big gun is just for defense.

The full mod is ready. There are my modified files:


If you use Windows, the directory of russian version is something like this:
\Program Files\1C\Activision\Quake4\q4base\
When you bought and installed a game, in this q4base directory must be all these files. The date is 2005. You can copy and replace with my mod files. But, please, make a backup of these original files.

Also I must explain some things:

1) My version of game is russian.
2) Only one text is english "Pacific QUAKE 4 mod v.1 by Sima_Strogg". And it's the only one text, who is writed in Earth font.
3) Almost all text in my mod is russian but all in Strogg font. You can learn Strogg font. I found this font in Internet and learned very easy. But if You played this game original version, You can remember by places where.
4) You can't shot. You can't see the weapons in Your hands. You can't kill no one. And no one can't kill You.
5) jumping sounds are added from Quake 2.
6) You almost dont fear the high places. You can jump down from very high places. In one map You necessary must jump down, because this is the only one way.
7) You don't use transport. Except the train. But You can jump from train to the ground and walk somewhere. I speak about level TRAM1B. It's not the trouble to fall down from the train. If this happens, You can just stand and wait about 2 min 30 s. The train will reach the end of level and You wil taked to the next level.
8) Yes, the game is very easy, because the dangers is not presented. Because there is no place to bad things in Stroggos.

Of course everyone wants to fight, to solve puzzles, to search interesting things. I like those things too. Because the true game is the action, sometimes not so easy. I've been thinking about the new map for example. Where the action will be in another place, where Strogg defending from aliens. But for this I must to learn the program of 3D modeling.


ID Software
Raven software